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The VGBA European Summit: Game Business and Legal Affairs is the definitive conference for international practitioners of interactive entertainment law. Drawing the largest audience of in-house counsel from game publishers and developers, the annual event matches a senior audience and expert speakers for a full day of dynamic discussion and socialization among peers. Panels feature experienced in-house counsel and industry lawyers from most major jurisdictions and offer fresh insights into worldwide developments in video game law, including regulatory, IP and contractual issues. The summit is part of gamescom congress, a two-day conference right on site at Europe’s largest industry trade show, gamescom.

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  • VGBA EuroSummit & Devcom 1 Day Pass (August 19) - This ticket grants access to the VGBA EuroSummit and Devcom 2019 Conference. One can attend Devcom workshops and panels during the day.
  • VGBA EuroSummit & Devcom 2 Day Pass (August 18 and 19) – This ticket grants access to the VGBA EuroSummit and both complete days of the Devcom 2019 Conference. One can attend Devcom workshops and panels on both days.
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Schedule / who speaks at VGBA European Summit

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Conference Chairman

Konstantin Ewald

Konstantin Ewald

Partner, Osborne Clarke

Opening Remarks/Welcome

Tobias Haar / Chairman LAC, game e.V.   
Patrick Sweeney / President, VGBA   
Joseph Olin / Executive Director, VGBA   
Konstantin Ewald / Partner, Osborne Clarke   

Keynote: “The Digital Single Market – The Digital Content and Copyright Directives”

The EU is forging ahead with projects to establish a Digital Single Market (DSM). One building block of this global initiative is the Digital Content Directive that aims to update and harmonize the law governing contracts for the provision of digital content, among other things by creating specific warranty rights and rules for "payment by data". Another key element is the Copyright Directive which reforms key aspects of European copyright law. The keynote provides an update on the contents of the draft directives.

Axel Voss / Member of the European Parliament   

Panel: “Copyright reform and con-sumer rights: Convenience or repellent?”

Panelists weigh in on expected effects of upcoming EU legislation on games companies, and discuss how balanced laws can enhance creators’ and consumers’ rights while simultaneously improving market chances for games companies and leveling the playing field without suffocating actors with excessive regulation.

Moderated by:

Dr. Christian-Henner Hentsch / Legal Counsel, game e.V.   

Panelists include:

Axel Voss / Member of the European Parliament   
Tiemo Wölken / Member of the European Parliament   
Prof. Dr. Jan Bernd Nordemann / Partner, Boehmert & Boehmert   
Ann Becker / Head of Policy & Public Affairs, ISFE   

Keynote: “Hooray, we survived GDPR Day! Here’s what happens after 25 May.”

You really thought it was over? With GDPR now in effect, the Keynote takes a look ahead at future trends and regulations, such as AI and automated decision-making in games, and the upcoming ePrivacy regulation that will fundamentally change online privacy practices – again.

Dr. Marc Störing / Partner, Osborne Clarke   

Panel: “Achievement Unlocked: Implement GDPR”

Participants share lessons learned and experiences with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) implementation process, and discuss the new challenges on the path to data protection compliance.

Moderated by:

Dr. Axel von Walter / Partner, BEITEN BURKHARDT   

Panelists include:

Cordula Zimmer / Senior Legal Counsel, Wooga   
Darya Firsava / IP Counsel, Wargaming.net   
Rafal Kloczko / Chief Counsel, CD PROJEKT RED   

Panel: “It’s in the Game: Legal Up-date on Mechanics, Monetization and Content”

The panel discusses recent European legal developments around what you can and cannot put in your game – from the design of in-app purchases and rewarded ads to current age-rating trends and the ubiquitous loot box.

Moderated by:

Felix Hilgert / Counsel, Osborne Clarke   

Panelists include:

Nicholas Plassaras / Associate, Fenwick & West   
Juliette Auverny-Bennetot / Senior Legal Counsel, Paradox Interactive   
Paul Gardner / Partner, Wiggin   

Keynote: “Broadcasting in eSports”

Broadcasting has for a long time been a key revenue generator (if not the key revenue generator) in traditional sports, and is likely to be in eSports. However, a combination of the position of publishers at the top of each eSport and the open eSports ecosystem means that eSports broadcasting tends to operate quite differently from the way it does in traditional sports.

Will Deller / Associate, Bird & Bird   

Fireside Chat: “Deal Trends in eSports”

Industry veterans share in-sights on how money is made and spent in the eS-port world.

Jas Purewal / Partner, Purewal & Partners   
Ryan Morrison / Partner, Morrison & Lee   

Speakers / who is on the stage at VGBA European Summit

Konstantin Ewald

Partner, Osborne Clarke

Felix Hilgert

Counsel, Osborne Clarke

Attendees / who participates in VGBA European Summit

Cameron Rogers

Principal, Cam Rogers Legal

Monika Gebel

Associate, Baker McKenzie

Felix Hilgert

Counsel, Osborne Clarke

Alyssa Soomphong

Legal Counsel, Wooga

Konstantin Ewald

Partner, Osborne Clarke

Sean F. Kane

Partner, Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz

Sebastian Schwiddessen LL.M.

Associate, Baker McKenzie

Patrick Lundell


Ronald Jentges

VP International Legal Affairs, Blizzard Entertainment

Olivier Oosterbaan

Lawyer, Leopold Meijnen Oosterbaan

Adrian Schneider

Senior Associate, Osborne Clarke

Philipp Schlotthauer

Lecturer, VHS Augsburg

Nepomuk Nothelfer

Research Assistant, University of Augsburg

Adrian Kwong

Managing Director, Consigclear

About the VGBA

The Video Game Bar Association is the premier international association whose members represent the industry’s leading practitioners in the interactive entertainment industry and other related fields.

Interested in Becoming a Member of the VGBA? At this time, all members of the VGBA must be an attorney in good standing and either actively practicing in the video game and interactive entertainment industry or currently employed by a law school as a professor in specialized topics of the field. All prospective members must first submit an application to be peer certified as an active practitioner in the industry.